Helping Families Helping Families

Peer Support 

Support is a crucial aspect of a number of wellness programs as well as in life in general.

For those looking to begin their wellness journey with a trusted and caring ally at their side, The Unity Center of Cincinnati offers Peer Support Services. Our peer support specialists are dedicated to inspiring hope and personal responsibility with the guidance of the patented W.R.A.P. program. Upon completion of the program, our pupils continue to receive encouragement and support from their assigned specialist.

Family Support 

For Families that are interested in hearing the trials and experiences of other families while sharing their own for mutual growth and support, The Unity Center of Cincinnati offers two distinct kinds of Family Support. We host weekly Support sessions in collaboration with other national wellness organizations. In addition, we offer trainings where parents and families can find their voice through acquiring advocacy skills at the household, local and governmental levels.


The practice of parenting has evolved since the time of our grandmothers. The Unity Center of Cincinnati will provide the most effective and up to date child rearing techniques to those reentering parenting, using antiquated skills or the new mom who just wants to do it differently than they were raised. By employing tried and true evidence based models, we teach parents to use positive feedback and personalized communication tactics to elicit the desired results from one’s children. By the conclusion of the course, parents will be skilled in developing the growth mindset, differentiating instructing and punishing, as well as instilling confidence and competence.