Helping Families Helping Families

The Unity Center wants to brighten the lives of children who have suffered because their needs and safety weren’t considered. The objective of TUC Cincinnati is to improve family and community communication. Effective planning should be developed to provide communities a voice in the strategies that are executed in those places.

The Unity Center of Cincinnati (TUC-Cinti; TUC) is 501c3 non-profit, as acknowledged by the State of Ohio and the Internal Revenue Service. TUC has been in existence since May 2018. TUC had humble beginnings proffering services to other non-profit organizations providing Family Engagement services. The services TUC provides are getting families involved in positive activities and positive reinforcement. It’s through family that children gain resilience and reduce negative influences. In September of 2018, CEO Deloris Reese became CERTIFIED as a Peer Recovery Coach. Thus leading the company to start serving families in a novel way; walking with those with addictions and mental health conditions while offering support to their families. In 2020, The Unity Center embraced families serving extended members of their families and communities. It was during this time that Kinship Care became a larger focus for the Unity Center. The focus caused the Unity Center to train in trauma-focused care as a way to support the families they served. While there was a slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff continued to serve families through advocacy and group support meetings. Recently, TUC began offering a Wellness Recovery Action Plan to provide families and individuals with the opportunity to map out their desires and obstacles and then plan with well-thought-out solutions. We believe that the combination of services we offer will change the outcome for many people who are currently suffering.

Our Staff

Anna Burrage : Lead Social Scientist

Anna Burrage is a Family Engagement Coordinator living and working in the Greater Cincinnati Area. As the Founder of The Unity Center of Cincinnati, Ms. Burrage is able to employ the acumen she has accrued over a lengthy career in the field of change.

A tried and true veteran, Anna took to the field immediately upon graduation. She spent 3 decades cultivating diversity in the workforce for ford motors. After which she stepped into the realm of Kinship care. For the past two years she had been a Peer Support Specialist.

Anna truly values this work because of the ability she is granted to provide a foundation for those that have been traumatized and those that love and care for them.  In reference to the WRAP curriculum she exclaimed “The WRAP plan will be the tool I use to help families stabilize, mend, and prepare for the future”.

Deloris Reese – Chief Executive Office 
Tiffany Hill Burns – Assistant Principal
Daniel Burns Esq. – Tax Attorney
Fanta Kouyate – Social Media Consultant